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My Favorite Beginner Overlanding YouTube Channels (2020 version)

I have finally have gotten around to posting some of my favorite beginner overlanding YouTube channels here for your enjoyment and education. I’ve built up and subscribed to a long list of overlanding YouTube channels that I have followed over the years. While some of the channels focus on high-end modifications and builds, there are also quite a few overlanding YouTube channels that focus on the basics for beginners to the overlanding lifestyle.

If you want to quickly get up to speed on the basics of overlanding, learn more advanced overlanding skills or just geek out on overlanding gear review or overlanding trip reports, then YouTube is the best place to be.

One thing I love about overlanding is the overlanding community and how helpful people have been about accepting the newbies into the fold. We all started out clueless and confused at one point and its great to see such a strong group of overlanding enthusiasts trying to help pay it forward by helping the beginner overlander.

Let me know if there are other overlanding YouTube channels that you found helpful as well!

Beginner Overlanding YouTube Channels

Lifestyle Overland

The Lifestyle Overland channel is about the overlanding experiences of a family of three that sent out several years ago to live a full-time overlanding lifestyle in the U.S. in their Toyota 4Runner. If you’re curious about how to overland with a young child, the Lifestyle Overland videos are a great beginner overlanding YouTube channel.

Overland Bound YouTube Channel

The Overland Bound YouTube channel is the video extension of the website which has been a great resource for beginner and experienced overlanders. The website dives deep into overlanding with lots of gear reviews, how-tos and a community forum with lots of overlanding tips on a wide range of overlanding topics from overlanding kitchens to photography to geocaching guides.

Ben Stinnett YouTube Channel

I’ve watched a lot of Ben’s YouTube videos and the one thing (among many) is that he simplifies the entire overlanding experience. It’s not about having the most expensive modified 4-WD vehicle or the latest rooftop tent or custom overlanding kitchen set up.

Ben has a great common sense approach to how to get started in overlanding on a budget. It doesn’t take corporate sponsors or a trust fund to get started in overlanding.

The best way to get started with overlanding for beginners is just to start with the vehicle you currently have and to be realistic about your vehicle’s capabilities.

Ronny Dahl’s YouTube Channel

Ronny Dahl and his 79 series Toyota Land Cruiser hails from the land Down Under (Australia) where overlanding is a big part of exploring the Australian Outback. You can find him on YouTube where he goes over the essentials of overlanding vehicles and equipment as well as his (and his dad’s) website at

Ronny Dahl on YouTube

Wanderlost Overland YouTube Channel

The Wanderlost Overland channel (not to be confused with the shop in Oregon) features Mark and Merri and their overlanding adventures in their Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Down2Mob Overland YouTube Channel

Down2Mob (Phil) is a “recovering” financial planner who quit his high-paying financial advisor job at age 29 and started exploring the country in his overlanding truck. I like how Phil talks discusses and lives the true meaning behind overloading.

You can also check out his Down2Mob website and his Down2Mob podcast.

Down2Mob YouTube Channel

Revere Overland Youtube Channel

The Revere Overland YouTube Channel is about Rob and his overlanding adventures mostly thru his home state of Kentucky. Rob does a good job of breaking down the basics of overlanding and going over the equipment he uses on his Toyota 4Runner and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles.

Got another overlanding YouTube channel that you follow and think we should add here?

Drop us a comment below and we will see if we can add it to out list of beginner overlanding YouTube channels.